Thursday, March 29, 2018


Last Thanksgiving weekend, (Thanksgiving of 2017), my wife and I made a trip to southern Louisiana to do a final cleaning out of her fathers house before the closing of the sale. We flew down to New Orleans, rented a car and drove to Houma. We had arranged for a Penske truck rental for the trip back to Minnesota not knowing exactly what was left there in the house and how much we would want to bring back. Probably the vast majority of what we took could have been left there but having the truck, we took more than we otherwise might have. Interestingly, we also packed a truck of the same size, about 14', that St. Vincent's sent with their two guys to help. In our initial walk through of the house we would never have expected we would have filled two trucks like that with what was left.

With the help of Claire's three uncles we managed to get the work done in surprisingly efficient manner. We even had some time for some enjoyable socializing, spending a memorable evening further south down the bayou where some of them still live and where Claire grew up, where the houses are all built on stilts eight feet in the air and in reminiscing of the past, time isn't marked in years or decades but with names like Juan or Rita or Andrew.

We were there only three days and then on the road with our rented yellow truck.
Among the many things we recovered, most of which were probably unimportant, there were hundreds of family pictures, childhood rag dolls but most importantly, I thought, some paintings her father did so many years ago.

Leaves one wondering about the passing of time, possessions, why we make art, what we leave behind and what it will be like for someone who will be going through our possessions after I we are gone and how much of it will be thrown away or hauled to a Goodwill store.

In the interest of preserving things of value for as long as possible, as long as my pinterest page is up, a small gallery of the few paintings that survived the life and floods of southern Louisiana will be available for viewing here. The art work of the late great Robert J. Boudreaux Jr.


Friday, February 23, 2018

Saturday, February 17, 2018

I am going to scale back my posts on this blog in favor of the wordpress blogs on the two websites that I have. But here is the latest post.  I can't figure an easy way to embed these so it is just the link:

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Blog post, new gallery, old project: Gazebo built around a huge rock fireplace

Uploading some pictures into the new galleries of a project we completed a few years back. It is a gazebo or screen house built around a huge rock fireplace.
This was a pretty cool little project constructed mostly around the massive fireplace and base footings which were built by Mike Braun of Ely.
More pictures in the gallery here:


Friday, February 2, 2018

Rebuilding the website

For the last year or so I have been working on rebuilding the website.
I think for now I am going to leave out a lot of the text that was in the old site, people mostly want to look at pictures anyway. Maybe eventually I can write some new text to put back in.

I'm sure there are some website people out there who would have something to say about that line of thinking but I don't get a lot of my contacts through the website or google searches, mostly a website for me is more like a business card or a brochure, just something we need to have.

The old website required me to load all my pictures to facebook and access those galleries for the website which was a tedious process and required all the wordpress plugins to be working right etc.

Anyway, I am not a web developer but I like to do things myself so, as crude as it may be, that will have to be how it is...

So, the new home building galleries for Huisman Concepts are here.

I have some new pictures as well as some older projects that need to be added yet. I have not been keeping up well with current projects...


Days are getting noticeably longer  though we still have February ahead of us... Seems to be plenty of snow everywhere this year if you are in to that sort of thing...

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Interesting stuff going on...

I am fortunate to have had a few of my pieces selected for a couple upcoming art exhibits.
One piece was chosen for the Flow Art Space Gallery group showing which will be one of many galleries and studios open for viewing during the 25th Anniversary St. Paul Art Crawl.

they are located at: 308 Prince Street,  Suite 226  St Paul, MN  55101,
(right next to the where the Saints play).
I think I am on about page 15 of this catalogue.
So that is cool. Even though it is just one piece, I feel pretty good about being a part of that show.
It should be a great few days, lots of great art, walking around the Lowertown area there, and great places to eat.
The whole thing runs October 14th, 15th. & 16th.

And then over in Minneapolis, the Burnsville Visual Arts Society will be having a show in the Northrup King Building. This runs October 6th through the 15th.
They have accepted a couple of my pieces for that show.

 I am looking forward to getting down to those areas and looking at art and eating some food.

Friday, September 23, 2016

"In Flight", 15" x 30" oil on canvas board

It's been quite a while since I have worked much with color.
I recently decided to drag out the oils and see what would come of it.

I had been playing around with this idea with some sketches:
 ...and in colored pencil:

...and then I decided to go for it and see what would happen:

It is enjoyable working with the creamy and their intense colors. I am not sure I am completely happy with this piece but I am ready to keep going.