Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hopefully we will be getting started on a new project here sometime over the winter. The most important thing is getting the foundation in, all the concrete and dirt work done before everything freezes. I always like to wait for the last possible minute to do this, just because it makes my life a little more interesting.
I was at the new home site on Wednesday of this past week and took this picture. This is the site, pretty much untouched except for a few ribbons and marking to show where the footprint of the house will be. They all start like this:

Today we woke up to a little bit of winter. About two inches of new snow, 26 degrees and very windy. It's only mid october so I am not worried, but it certainly is an unwelcome blast of reality. Here is a shot I took from the deck of the house, some of the snow had alread melted, but most of it stayed all day: