Sunday, November 29, 2009

It was a short work week. We are finally getting some cooler temps, but no snow yet.
After our quiet Thanksgiving day at home, we spent some time watching some Pee-wee level hockey games that my son was participating in, in Coleraine.

Some good games. It's been a couple years since we have had the opportunity to be "hockey parents" and sit with all the other "hockey parents", and I wouldn't go so far as to say it was good to be back as "one of them", but it is a fast paced, exciting sport to watch, and despite having to dress warmer as a spectator, spend ten times as much on gear, and drive all over the Iron Range in the worst types of weather, I guess I prefer it to basketball, though it seems to bring out a little more of the "dark side" in the parents.

After one of the games, we asked our son if he could hear all the yelling, if individual players could hear their own fathers and mothers explicit instructions, "SHOOT!", or "GET THE PUCK!", helpful advice like that, and he said no. They can hear the collective groans or cheers, but not much else. We were glad to hear this. Hopefully the parents calm down a bit before the long ride home...