Sunday, November 22, 2009

We are still having great weather for building. It's been sunny all week and highs in the 40s. The nights have been cold though, and there is a bit of thin ice on the quieter waters in the mornings and it's taking longer and longer to melt during the days.
Driving to a job site one morning I found this guy. The water is mostly skimmed with ice, but he was just sitting there on a rock in a little area where it was still open, enjoying the morning sun.

We are getting the log siding up on this project and putting some window in. Electricians and plumbers have moved in, so we can do the outside work now and stay out of their way.

On my other project, the well drillers came this week and drilled a well. Hard to see, but it is that pipe sticking up from the ground:

That slab is cured now to the point where we took the curing blankets off. It looks pretty nice, I think they did a good job:

...and I managed to get a little work done in the shop: