Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to the water access site on Burntside... As we approach, we can see the gable glass is now installed:
...and from the inside:
We have cut a few of the other window and door holes and they are ready for installation.The roof shingles have been finished since the last time I was able to take pictures:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I guess I've gotten a bit lazy over the summer and not posted much here.

We have been working on a project that is water access on Burntside Lake...a small log cabin. These pictures were taken the last time I was out there a couple weeks ago. This is the approach from the lake as we pull up with the boat:
And then as we walk up the hill:

 I discourage cedar shakes whenever possible...we haven't done a shake roof in many years, but this homeowner insisted on them... It is a nice look when they are new...
 More recently, the glass for the gables being taken out to the building site as they are leaving the dock on the barge. This is how everything has gone across. We just drive the truck onto the barge and take it over...
This past week we have started framing a new project on White Iron Lake. In this first picture you can see the Douglass Fir timbers in their wrappings in the foreground:

The view of the lake from the loft floor:

In the mean time autumn is coming: