Saturday, December 31, 2011

...well we made it.
Another 150,000,000 miles or so, that long trip around our sun...
This, of course, is not even a detectable blip in the 450 billion years or so that this has been going on.
...but in our short lives here, if we are lucky, it represents a little more than one percent of our total time on this planet... for me it's 2% of my time so far.
In the northern hemisphere, we observe the end/beginning of this orbit at the darkest and coldest time of year, a time seemingly especially made for contemplation and reflection.
I tend to make a lot of observations in terms of how I can improve going forward... "I did to much of that, I will try to do more of this", "I need to stop acting like that and more like this", etc.
Commitments made mostly in vain of course, change comes incrementally at best... Hopefully something sticks and we continually move forward in some small way... assuming we even know what "forward" means.
For me I think it means moving towards being the person I was put here to be but I flatter myself thinking I even have any idea who or what that person is... Most likely I am already and always have been the person I was meant to be and the striving to be more the person I think I was meant to be continually folds itself into that person... and here I am...
And so we move forward into another year. I view every day as a gift, a whole year is beyond comprehension, certainly far more than I have ever done anything to deserve or have a right to.

Here is a good version of that great Sandy Denny tune to take us out:

Friday, December 9, 2011

A long time since my last post here.
We now have some snow and have seen below zero temps.
Not a lot of snow yet so the ice on the lakes should be good. I have heard there is some real good skating ice in places on the lakes right now, smooth and clear...but that is not for me.

...the big news, I turned 50 last weekend. It was an uneventful day for the most part, but my wife is not one to get just a "5" and a "0" candle and call it good, she actually gets 50 candles. I won't post that picture here, it was quite a flame.

The projects are going slow but steady. We have divided up forces between two projects now, the new house we have been working on for over a year and a major remodel we started in the early spring. I don't believe I have said much about that one here so I will talk about that a little...

It is a log "kit" home, not the type we usually work on but it seemed like a challenging project and the end plan looked pretty cool so I decided to go for it. Initially I thought I would find some more help and get it knocked out more quickly but that never works out as well as I would like.

Here are some shots of the cabin as it stood before we started:

Here would be an example of the kinds of things were are doing here. This is a "before" shot of one area of the lakeside roof:

And here is an "after" shot of the dormer that was added there:
I will post more shots of the project later. It has been ongoing for some time and is coming along nicely.