Friday, June 22, 2012

For the last few years I have been using these adjustable hinges on doors that I build.
I was installing some on a door today and snapped a couple shots.
They take a bit of work getting them mortised in properly, but in the end, it is nice to be able to tweak them a bit as things never really quite stay the same with doors... settling in the house occurs or things move due to humidity, temperature etc....
Adjustable hinges on hand carved walnut door

Adjustable hinges on hand carved walnut door
 This is a heavy door, so I went with four hinges...

Adjustable hinges on hand carved walnut door

The big news this week is the rain... lots of rain.
Duluth had huge flooding issues as did many parts of the state. Many inches of rain.
All kind of interesting stories out of Duluth... from an 8 year old boy being swept through a storm sewer for a mile and coming out with just cuts and bruises, to escaped zoo animals, polar bears and seals etc... Crazy weather.

Seems like just yesterday we had a fire on our door step everything dry as tinder and winds blowing... we all wished for some rain... Well, as they say around here, if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes...

This weekend, however, looks to be about perfect. Mid seventies, fluffy clouds and breezy...
Perfect weather for baseball... oh yeah, speaking of that... there is the annual DQ Classic American Legion league tournament in Ely. It started today, (Friday June 22), and will go through Sunday. 16 teams from all over Minnesota. American Legion is teams with players aged 19 and under.

If anyone wants to see some good ball being played, Ely is where it's at this weekend.