Saturday, July 21, 2012

soapstone countertops, cast iron country sink,
...getting down to the finishing touches on the interior of this project. The counter-tops have been installed and the sinks are ready for the finished plumbing and fixtures.

soapstone countertops, rustic reclaimed oak floors,

rustic oak vanity, stone countertops,

cast iron white sink, stone countertops,

custom vanity with soapstone vanity top,
 It's been another warm week here, but certainly a lot cooler than in other parts of the country...

sunny daisy, ely mn,


I read a good article on the precious metals mining issue recently.
 I thought it was nicely written. I have not read much in the way of objective information on this issue, (and I am not sure this one is "objective", nothing ever is, but I felt it was more informative than most). Most pro mining things I see I would put in the category of propaganda put out by the mining companies themselves. The other side responds with an understandable fervor.

This is a huge divisive issue in the community right now and it has become a hard thing to discuss. Like most controversial issues, I know a lot of very smart people with very differing viewpoints. In the end, I really have only found a couple who are totally against the mining itself, (and they are the type who just take the opposite side for the sake of the "fun" of the conflict), most are just good and smart folks who are just expressing a concern for the environment and they are a bit unfairly labeled "anti-mining" by the local "pro-mining" thinkers....

Like so many things, I think we all really want the same thing... In this case, I'm sure that is true of the locals here. I can certainly understand the concerns of a guy who has made his livelihood and life running a wilderness based business just down stream from where the proposed mining will take place and I can certainly understand the people who grew up here and saw the prosperous days of the mining industry and would like to see that again...

Hopefully in the end the Environmental protection and pollution control organizations and their permitting processes will do their jobs and things will be OK.

...I remember sitting on a plane once at the Minneapolis Airport with the family when the kids were young and the flight was delayed because of a terrible thunderstorm... Four young kids on a plane for over three hours knowing that we had a 3 hour flight ahead of us... I remember there was one guy who kept expressing his frustration to the flight attendants. We could see other planes moving around and he was very vocal about "why are still just sitting here?" ...I remember thinking that there are a handful of people who really know what is going on... we don't. In my opinion, I would really rather wait there all night in this plane than to take off before it is safe...

Sometimes some of the local conversation reminds me of that guy on the plane who wanted so badly to get off the ground. Patience is not generally one of my strong points, but when the stakes are high I would say, take whatever time is required to make sure things are going to go ahead smoothly...

...on the other hand, maybe I am just avoiding the issue... I am not one of the smart ones, I know that for sure...

Friday, July 13, 2012

This week Scott has been building a stairway made of Douglas Fir timber.
The steps and risers are fully mortised into the stringers.
I took these shots after the cutting was done but before he started the assembly:
Douglas fir timber stairs fully mortised treads

Douglas fir timber stairs fully mortised treads, timber frame

This is the spot where the stairs will go:
Douglas fir stairs

Then, yesterday, we lifted them into place:
Douglas fir timber framed stairs,

Douglas fir timber stairs,

clear Doug fir timber stairs,

clear Doug fir timber stairs joinery,

clear Doug fir timber stairs joinery,
 Another big weekend for baseball in Ely Minnesota:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Some cabinets installed on one of the remodel projects we have going:
Custom cabinets, reclaimed Oak floor

 The cabinets were built by a custom cabinet builder that the homeowner had used in the past for other projects  in the Twin Cities area and they wanted them to build the ones for this project near Ely as well.
Custom cabinets, reclaimed Oak floor

The cabinet maker is:
...I think they did a pretty good job.

reclaimed Oak cabinets slate floor

Custom cabinets slate floor
This week we had a 4th of July storm that was eerily similar to the now legendary one in 1999 that resulted in the BWCA blow-down. The results weren't nearly so devastating, but there were lots of trees down and over 5000 homes without power, many still are without power. We had a few flickers at home here but got lucky this time. We saw it building up in the southwest as the parade was finishing.

Here is a picture I believe someone at Paragis in Ely took of the strange clouds rolling in right after the parade finished:
Ely Minnesota storm July 4th 2012,
Here is a typical site that found many people as they returned to their homes after watching the parade in Ely.
This is an uprooted large Norway Pine tree at a lake place that I look after:
Ely Minnesota storm July 4th 2012, Uprooted Pine,
...another interesting week in Ely.