Friday, July 6, 2012

Some cabinets installed on one of the remodel projects we have going:
Custom cabinets, reclaimed Oak floor

 The cabinets were built by a custom cabinet builder that the homeowner had used in the past for other projects  in the Twin Cities area and they wanted them to build the ones for this project near Ely as well.
Custom cabinets, reclaimed Oak floor

The cabinet maker is:
...I think they did a pretty good job.

reclaimed Oak cabinets slate floor

Custom cabinets slate floor
This week we had a 4th of July storm that was eerily similar to the now legendary one in 1999 that resulted in the BWCA blow-down. The results weren't nearly so devastating, but there were lots of trees down and over 5000 homes without power, many still are without power. We had a few flickers at home here but got lucky this time. We saw it building up in the southwest as the parade was finishing.

Here is a picture I believe someone at Paragis in Ely took of the strange clouds rolling in right after the parade finished:
Ely Minnesota storm July 4th 2012,
Here is a typical site that found many people as they returned to their homes after watching the parade in Ely.
This is an uprooted large Norway Pine tree at a lake place that I look after:
Ely Minnesota storm July 4th 2012, Uprooted Pine,
...another interesting week in Ely.