Thursday, August 30, 2012

A small side project and Signs of Autumn around Ely Minnesota

We are starting a new little side project. It is a small garage with a finished space upstairs.
Here the dirt-work is mostly done and the forms for the concrete have started going in. Rough-in plumbing has been done for floor drains etc., log, timber, custom homes
Forming a slab and rough grading for a garage., log, timber, custom homes
Rough grading and beginning forming for garage slab, Ely Minnesota.
Here the slab is done and one row of block to keep the framing a little bit off the ground. Materials have been delivered and the framing is ready to begin:, log, timber, custom homes, carved doors
Concrete slab and block-work ready for wall framing

As I drive around this past week I have begun to see the first of the colors coming in. These pictures were taken yesterday and today I already noticed a considerable amount more., log, timber, custom homes, carved doors, Ely Minnesota, log, timber, custom homes, carved doors, Ely Minnesota

Despite the signs of Autumn, this week has been unseasonably warm. In the 80s and sunny, humid.

I was moving some plywood, cleaning up a job-site a little bit, when this guy jumped out:, log, timber, toad, custom homes, carved doors, Ely Minnesota