Saturday, October 20, 2012

I am going to start posting some more "before" and "after" shots of the remodel we have been working on. For the most part, it is completed now. Appliances and furniture moved in etc. I know I started this before and got side tracked, but I was looking around the other day and realized was an interesting project this was as I thought back over the progression...

This is the loft area, some shots before. It was a very low roof-line and basically just a sleeping area for younger folks. There was just an unfinished plywood floor there.

Log rafters in the old loft area,
"Before" shot of the small sleeping loft area. That back area where the bed with the blue pillow is becomes the new master bath.
old sleeping loft in "kit" log home,
"Before" shot of the small sleeping loft area. That back area to the left where the bed with the blue pillow is becomes the new master bath.

 To the left of that area as we see it in the above photos, we have the master bathroom, to the right is the master bedroom. We accomplished this with the construction of dormers. It is hard to show exactly how that works, I will have to get some better exterior shots, but here are some interior shots of the new finished master bath:

New master bath area, Marvin window, pine paneling,

New master bath area, pine paneling, 12x12 slate,
New master bath area with the changed pitch of the roof that gave us the headroom we need to create this space.

Custom built tiled shower, 2x2 slate floor,
A new tiled shower with glass doors was installed.

reclaimed oak vanity, soapstone top, slate floor,
Again, you can see the changed roof pitch resulting from the new shed dormer. It is not a high ceiling by any stretch, but it gave us the room we needed to pull this off without violating the height restrictions with the county planning and zoning department. The vanity here is built with reclaimed oak, the counter top is soapstone and the floor is 12x12 slate.     


Huisman Concepts is a design build firm located in Ely Minnesota.
We also build some pretty cool doors:

Awsome, custom, carved, entry door,
Custom entry door, built and carved by John Huisman of Huisman Concepts

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nothing much happening here this week.

I found this cool article on natural building from the 14th century. In the interesting of keeping my blog active I will cheat this week and post somebody else's material:

I posted a picture gallery of a log gazebo I built a few years ago here:

Cool log gazebo/screen house.

custom log and stone screen house by

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A room in a recent remodel project need a door with a clipped" corner, in order to open into a low pitched ceiling. This is the door opening from the inside of the room. It will hinge on the left side and swing into the sloped ceiling on the left. The ceiling can't be seen very well here because of the angle, but in order to open all the way, the corner will need to be angled like that for clearance.

this is looking at the door from outside of the bedroom: this is what I have been working on in the shop... a door with a clipped corner. It is a simple pine door to match the factory made doors that we have in the rest of the house:,among other things, that is one of the projects I have been working on in the shop.

Recently I had the opportunity to drive past the house that I grew up in in Inver Grove Heights. 

I was in the area for other reasons, but while I was there, I thought I would visit an O'reily Auto Parts store and buy some things I needed. I punched in the address on the GPS and set off. Turns out it was located at the location of what I had known in my teen years as the Village Square Mall. It was still called the Village Square, but the mall was gone, there were a lot of businesses located there, more or less, in their own buildings. The Auto parts store was among them...

The house I grew up in looked the same though it seemed much smaller than I remembered it. I think it has been 20 years since I was there last. The neighboring houses all looked pretty much as I remember them.

There was a Simon's TV and Appliance store still there half a block down Cahill Avenue. I thought that would have changed, it always seemed like such an odd store to be located there in that residential setting. I remember when it came. It took over the old Pixy-Pak store where we used to go to buy Cool Pops for a dime and Bazoka Joe bubble gum with the little comic strips for a penny.

Down near the Village Square area there was Drakulas Bowl, pretty much as I remember it. The bowling alley/ bar where we used to go play advanced digital video games like Pong on big machines for a quarter.

The woods across the street from the house was still there. Still a park, though when I was a kid it was just a wild place that I could roam around in at will, rarely seeing another human being. I think that was where I started thinking about eventually moving to a place where the wilderness seemed to go on forever...

Still, now, sometimes when I am in the city, I think... there is something going on here that seems interesting too... sometimes I think maybe someday I could try living there again...