Friday, November 16, 2012

A few more shots of this recently completed renovation:
The family room was separated from the back area by this log interior partition wall with the stairs going up along side it. To the right of this picture you can see what was the old bathroom.
This is the "after" shot. The log partition wall and stairs have been removed to open up the whole area to be one large family room. The stairs are now where the bathroom was in the "before" picture.
Another shot of the stair wall before the renovation.
The landing and the old bathroom before the renovation.
In the place of the old bathroom, we have the new stairway going up to the loft and a closet under the stairs. There is a landing up top over looking the great room and to the left up above there is a bedroom where before it was an open loft area.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A short post today.
A couple before and after shots of the 3 season porch on this recent renovation:

3 season porch before renovation by
This is the view looking to the main entry door into the 3 season porch before we started the renovation... quite dark.

after remodel of 3 season porch by
This is basically the same view after the renovation... new windows, new wood, new slate floor


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some more shots of the recent remodel project.

Log home renovations
This is the lakeside exterior of the cabin before we started. The dormer on the far end is just on the outside and does not offer any interior space.  

Renovation of old log kit home by
As we can see here on the interior... the exterior dormer does not show through. Back there to the right side is where the new master bedroom will be. 
Loft space before added dormer
Another look at the area before the dormer.

Renovation "after" picture, new "doghouse" dormers
After the remodel the exterior of the roof looks quite different. We have added two small dormers for light over the living room area and that larger dormer that opens up to the interior now to offer room for the master bedroom. We have also added thickness to the roof for additional insulation value.

Interior bedroom, view of lake, added dormer by
Here is the interior of that larger dormer, the bedroom, with a nice view of the lake. It is a low vaulted ceiling to be sure, we had to conform to height restrictions because of zoning regulations, but it is adequate for a cozy master bedroom at the lake cabin.

Specail doorway needed for low dormer ceiling by
The door to the master bedroom had to be custom made with that "clipped" corner in order to be able to open into the low ceiling planes.
Added light coming through added dormers after renovation by
The two smaller dormers add a great amount of light to the living room area and offer considerable charm over other lighting options like skylights.