Saturday, June 30, 2012

...Some trim work getting done...
The trim is Douglas fir as is the interior wood on the Marvin windows.
Marvin window, Douglas Fir, trim,

Marvin window, Douglas Fir, trim,
...also some finished trim around the cabinets. The cabinets are made of Alder, here is a shot of where the crown molding meets the wall and the ceiling:
Alder crown molding trim,
...other trim work, around the Douglas Fir timber frame trusses and ceiling beams. The ceilings are a lightly stained tongue and groove Pine:
Douglas Fir timber frame truss, window trim,
I was standing on the screen porch looking out at the lake. The screens are installed and it is a nice warm breezy summer day...
Screen porch looking out at the lake,
The house sits high up over the lake, though only about 120 feet set back from the waters edge. It is a dramatic view.
 Outside looking at the lake near Ely Minnesota,
Another beautiful day in the north near Ely Minnesota.

Friday, June 22, 2012

For the last few years I have been using these adjustable hinges on doors that I build.
I was installing some on a door today and snapped a couple shots.
They take a bit of work getting them mortised in properly, but in the end, it is nice to be able to tweak them a bit as things never really quite stay the same with doors... settling in the house occurs or things move due to humidity, temperature etc....
Adjustable hinges on hand carved walnut door

Adjustable hinges on hand carved walnut door
 This is a heavy door, so I went with four hinges...

Adjustable hinges on hand carved walnut door

The big news this week is the rain... lots of rain.
Duluth had huge flooding issues as did many parts of the state. Many inches of rain.
All kind of interesting stories out of Duluth... from an 8 year old boy being swept through a storm sewer for a mile and coming out with just cuts and bruises, to escaped zoo animals, polar bears and seals etc... Crazy weather.

Seems like just yesterday we had a fire on our door step everything dry as tinder and winds blowing... we all wished for some rain... Well, as they say around here, if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes...

This weekend, however, looks to be about perfect. Mid seventies, fluffy clouds and breezy...
Perfect weather for baseball... oh yeah, speaking of that... there is the annual DQ Classic American Legion league tournament in Ely. It started today, (Friday June 22), and will go through Sunday. 16 teams from all over Minnesota. American Legion is teams with players aged 19 and under.

If anyone wants to see some good ball being played, Ely is where it's at this weekend.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nothing real noteworthy going on in the construction projects this past week, at least nothing that would be interesting to see pictures of.... just plugging away on the couple of project we have going on...

Last weekend something interesting happened here at home. I was heading out to the shop and my son, Jonathan, comes in from his jog. He had come up the trail through the woods and, behind him, this spotted fawn:
It just hopped up on the deck, though it seemed to be very young and not able to walk well.
We didn't really know what to do, nothing like this had ever happened before and, for a moment, I wondered if we were going to be adopting a deer...

Jonathan said he saw the mother in the woods and she was calling to him, but the fawn just decided to follow him instead.

I couldn't get the animal to go back into the woods myself, it seemed to have little interest in me, (I have such a way with animals), but when Jonathan came out, it seemed to take a liking to him again, (he is a gentile spirit and has always seemed to attract the attention of animals), so he and my other son Patrick, led the fawn back down the trail into the woods to where they thought the mother might still be and sort of ditched it there...

We kept the dogs inside for the rest of the day, but I really didn't have much hope. I figured in a day or two they would be dragging home the carcass of a lifeless baby deer, however that day and the next few went by with no more sign of the deer.

On Thursday morning, an entirely different event occurred. We found our cat, Milly, sprawled on the floor crying loudly and unable to move. She had been acting odd the past couple weeks and even seemed to be having some seizures, we hadn't been sure what to think and now, here she was. Patrick carried her to the truck and we set off for the Vet Clinic. It was somewhat traumatic and I'm sure we both were thinking the worst, though the cat was only 5 years old.

So there we are heading out with this seemingly paralyzed cat. We got to the curve down the hill and here is the little fawn, alive as can be, running down the road and then ducking into the woods.  I didn't really even remember this happening till later in the day. It's always struck me as odd how events like this coincide. I figured the deer wouldn't have survived this long unless it had been reunited with its mother so we were somewhat comforted that the fawn would be OK.

Milly, however, was not.

I would like so say here that, though I haven't been to a lot of vet clinics in my life, I would doubt if there are many where you would have the head veterinarian, the owner of the business, with everything that is going on in that place at any given time, close the door in the cat room and sit himself down on the floor with my wife and I while she held the cat, for probably 20 minutes, just to talk through things...
If anyone has ever been to the Ely Vet Clinic, they know what I mean. Dr. Chip Hansen runs a great place there. here is remembering Milly:

...and here are some more pictures of the deer:
The same day we lost Milly, the Ely high school baseball team beat Deer River at the section championship game in Hibbing to advance to the State tournament in Chaska next week..., an interesting week for us here in woods...

Friday, June 1, 2012

We had to pull off our other jobs this week to do a quick replacement of some old log railing that had just gotten to that point... Even well made and well maintained Cedar log railing will eventually begin to rot and the old stuff here had been up for probably twenty years and had become unsafe.

The railings are on the decks of an old log home in the Ely Minnesota area.We used smaller Northern White Cedar poles, peeling them each individually with a draw-knife and then shaping each one to make the posts, rails and spindles. These railings are now completed and ready for staining.

Here are some pictures of the newly installed railing on a beautiful, sunny, blue sky, Ely Minnesota day on Burntside Lake.

It was a beautiful week for baseball this past week. Sunny and in the 60s.
Ely varsity was in Hermantown on Thursday... Here is a link to the story.