Thursday, January 31, 2013

I have been posting in a new gallery on my facebook page of this little renovation project.
It was a little bunkhouse/sauna building by the lake that was still in good enough shape to fix up and make into something.  The roof had a little damage where a mischievous beaver had dropped a large Aspen on it, but otherwise, the structural framing was sound.

The only thing that was a little worrisome was the footings, or the nonexistence of footings holding the whole thing up. Several of the footings were just jacks that appeared to be ready to fall over: any case, the floor was certainly not level and the first thing we needed to do was get some decent footings under this thing and level it off.

We started this in the fall of 2009...
We began by digging out underneath and getting some solid footings that went down below frost level so they would not move around anymore. Most of this work was done for me by J.J Day and his crew, All Day Landscapes...

Once that was done and some rotten sills repaired we ready to set the building back down and continue.

Here now we have the windows installed...

 ....and ready for siding:
 The first row of cedar siding. We are going with mitered corners here instead of a corner trim. We have pre-stained the siding on both sides.

Some finished window trim and paneling. All the Doug Fir paneling and trim in this project is clear vertical grain. A very clean look:

More shots of the finished project can be seen here at the gallery on my website.

...or on my facebook gallery here.