Friday, January 11, 2013

Marble Island top...

We finally put the finishing touches on these cabinets...
Just before the Holidays, the remaining counter top was put on the island.

The wall cabinet counter-tops we built ourselves, (actually that means Scott did it), but on the island, the homeowner wanted something different, so we had been waiting for that last element.

It is made Montclair Darby honed marble, fabricated and installed by Laurentian Monument and Granite in Virginia.

Actually there are still some finishing touches yet. We are waiting for the panels for the refrigerator and dishwasher. We decided to wait till we actually had the appliances in had so we could measure accurately for the panels.

The cabinets were supplied by our local Lumber Yard, Voyageur Lumber, in Ely.

They are made of distressed knotty Alder with a autumn/black glaze finish.

Here are a some pictures:
alder cabinets with honed marble top,

Knotty alder cabinets, honed marble top,

Knotty alder kitchen island, honed marble top,

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