Saturday, June 29, 2013

A day at the park

...a fun day at the park yesterday. A small group of volunteers under the direction of Bill Tefft, spent a good chunk of the day installing the long awaited paver paths in Whiteside park by the playground area.

The paver product is Azek. It is a really cool recycled plastic product available at Voyageur Lumber here in Ely.

Here are some pictures:

That's Bill on the far left working the rake. He has been relentless in getting this project organized and completed. Most of us on park and rec have kinda fallen away and got busy with other things, but Bill has made it a priority to get this part of the project done before the 4th of July and today was going to be the day, rain or shine, (and being Ely in June we got plenty of both).  ...and Miss Park and Rec herself, Heidi, behind the lamp post on the right. She lends her ever cheerful presence to every park project and makes it always a pleasant day.

I didn't get the names of some of these young people that just couldn't stand by watching and got drawn in to the process... I expect they went home with something to talk about... they were definitely the only ones with any energy left at the end of the day.
...all in all, just a good fun day in the park.

In a time where money is always short and budgets are thin, if you look around in Ely, (not just the park but everywhere), you will find it is the volunteers in the community who are making the good things happen.