Friday, July 12, 2013

A good story to end the week...

A story from city hall...
a true story, though I may embellish it a little, (this is, after all, my blog and I can do whatever I want here...)

I happen to know a wonderful lady, Claire, who works in the city clerks office. In her job there, she deals with people who come in or call for many different reasons, a high percentage of them being, as you might expect, of a complaint nature... But every once in a while... a surprise...

Today an older woman comes in. She says she is not from around here. Claire, being somewhat familiar with the accent, has already made that assumption.

The woman says she is from Mississippi.
She says her grand kids have made some money with a lemonade stand and they wanted to donate all of it to the new playground at Whiteside park...

She hands Claire a small zip-lock baggie, pulls a camera out of her pocket and takes a picture of herself handing the bag to Claire. She says that is what she was told to do, to give this to the right person and take a picture of it happening...

That is it.

She leaves.

It happens so fast Claire doesn't even get to ask her name or anything.

She was just gone.

She opened the bag and counted the money. A total of $18.00.

Playground at Whiteside park, Ely MN
A beautiful sunny summer day at Whiteside Park in Ely minnesota.