Saturday, July 20, 2013

To continue from last weeks post:
The next steps are filling in and compacting the inside area under the basement slab and then laying the foam insulation that will force the heat from the in-floor heating system up into the house.
Backfilling ICF footings,
Here the dirt is being brought in to the inside of the footings and compacted.

foam ground insulation,
The 2" foam insulation is being laid out and taped at the seams...

ICF foundation, foam insulation,
Before the foam was laid, the plumbing for the basement bathroom, laundry and mechanical room was dug in. You can see it here sticking up through the foam.

Point load spots,
Certain areas have to be thickened and reenforced to handle load bearing posts.

Next we put down the heat tubes and then pour the slab and go up with the basement walls.