Monday, September 16, 2013

back to the island project

Back to the small cabin project on the Island, footing piers are in at the building site:

Footing for lakeshore cabin, Ely,

Now floor framing can begin and then walls...


This is a great editorial in the Ely Timberjay this past week:
 I don't always agree with Marshal, but is this case he says it all perfectly. It sums itself up nicely with the last paragraph:

 "If folks in Ely are itching for a fight, copper-nickel mining can undoubtedly provide the ammunition. But if they’re looking for actual ideas to create jobs for residents living here today, there’s some real work to be done. Mining may eventually become a reality in the future, but it certainly isn’t the answer to what ails Ely in the present. And fighting about it won’t change that. It only diverts our energies from the real work that needs doing". 
-Ely Timberjay editorial Sept 13th, 2013