Saturday, October 26, 2013

Timber frame progress...

Slow progress on the Timber frame project... the structural insulated panels, (SIPs), have finally arrived. They took a lot longer to get than I had anticipated.
A SIP is basically an inside and an outside layer of OSB, (oriented strand board), with foam insulation sandwiched between. They are commonly used, as in this case, as a "skin" on the outside of a timber frame home.

First we have put on the tongue and groove pine paneling for the ceiling over the timber rafters.
In this case the walls will be drywall, so we will do that later from the inside, (drywall is a little less tolerant of the weather), but with the wood paneling we decided that doing it from the outside before the SIPs go on would be easier and quicker.

Huismanconcepts, timber, frame, ceiling paneling
Timber frame with the ceiling paneling in place ready for SIP installation.

john Huisman, pine ceiling paneling, tomber frame
Pine 1x6 tongue and groove paneling over the timber rafters to make what will be the ceiling of the cabin.

Unloading SIPs in Ely,
Here we are unloading the SIPs. There is no way we could get the full sized semi truck and trailer to the job-site, so we had to unload them in town. The great guys at Voyageur Lumber helped us out... We unloaded them from the big truck with the forklift and put them on the smaller Voyageur Lumber trucks and they brought them to the job-site on the smaller trucks... about 5 trips I think....  I took this picture with my phone as I was standing on top of the load waiting for Mike to come back with the forklift. The load was packed on the truck in a way that maximized the load capacity but made the unloading a little frustrating...they needed to be unloaded one piece at a time. We just slid them each on to the forks... a somewhat tedious process that took half the day.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

a bridge...

We had a slight dusting of snow this morning on the decks and roofs and cars.
A hint of what is to come weather we need it or not.
It turned out to be a very nice day, high about 40 degrees and enough sun to be pleasant.

This is a little bridge over a small creek on a driveway leading to a home we recently built.
The timbers have started to deteriorate and crumble.
The deterioration  just started at one end, but they were all feeling a bit "soft".
They were Aspen boards, 2.5" thick, probably about 15 years old.
It was time to address this issue before winter...

Here are a couple "before" pictures:

I was able to find some treated pine timbers 3" thick and 12" wide, 12' long... So we re-did the decking on the bridge. Here are some "after" pictures on a beautiful Autumn day in October:


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ely island cabin progress

The little island cabin is progressing nicely. The windows have been installed and the house wrap put up. It is ready for roofing and siding. The deck is framed and ready for the cedar decking to be installed.

lake cabin, blue sky, ely minnesota

island cabin near Ely Minnesota, huisman

ely minnesota, huisman woodworking, blue sky, ely construction, custom homes, island lake cabin


Anyone who has lived in Ely for any length of time realizes very quickly that most of the meaningful things that happen in this town are accomplished by the many groups of dedicated volunteers. One of the most amazing facilities is the Veterans Memorial Baseball field, where countless High School, American Legion, VFW and Vermilion College games and tournaments are played. I have visited may baseball fields across the state and I think it's a pretty safe bet that we would ran among the best.
A huge effort is underway to make sure that it stays that way. The article in last weeks Ely Echo talks about the renovations underway. Ely Ball park