Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

To continue from last weeks post:
The next steps are filling in and compacting the inside area under the basement slab and then laying the foam insulation that will force the heat from the in-floor heating system up into the house.
Backfilling ICF footings,
Here the dirt is being brought in to the inside of the footings and compacted.

foam ground insulation,
The 2" foam insulation is being laid out and taped at the seams...

ICF foundation, foam insulation,
Before the foam was laid, the plumbing for the basement bathroom, laundry and mechanical room was dug in. You can see it here sticking up through the foam.

Point load spots,
Certain areas have to be thickened and reenforced to handle load bearing posts.

Next we put down the heat tubes and then pour the slab and go up with the basement walls.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting started on a new construction project

This past week we broke ground on a new lake home project:

Lakeshore, construction, Ely,
Rolling in with the Backhoe... EZ Excavating doing the dirt-work.
Backhoe digging, Ely MN,
Jake on the machine, removing debris and starting to dig
Footings formed, lake home construction,
The hole is dug out and the footings formed. This is the walk-out wall on the lake side of the home.

Formed footings for Ely Lake home,
This is the back wall footing, formed and ready for concrete...
Timber frame constructiong, footings, ely mn,
Chad Nickerson of Nickerson Construction and his guys pushing concrete around filling the footings...

frost footings, ICF walls,
The footings are done and the ICF, (insulated concrete forms), blocks stacked and filled up to one block higher than the basement slab height.

Timber frame construction, Ely mn,
Now ready to back-fill around the frost footings and inside under what will soon be the basement floor slab.


A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to stand on the roof of the Ely Community Center.
I took a few pictures looking out over the city...
From the roof of the Ely Community Center, picture by John Huisman
Looking north up 1st Ave over the top of the Wells Fargo bank building, Boathouse Brew Pub in the distance and beyond that...?

From the roof of the Ely Community Center, pic by John Huisman
Looking to the northeast, you can see City Hall just to the right of center at the top.

From the roof of the Ely Community Ctr, photo by John Huisman
Looking northwest, over the Senior Center and Ace Hardware and beyond...


Friday, July 12, 2013

A good story to end the week...

A story from city hall...
a true story, though I may embellish it a little, (this is, after all, my blog and I can do whatever I want here...)

I happen to know a wonderful lady, Claire, who works in the city clerks office. In her job there, she deals with people who come in or call for many different reasons, a high percentage of them being, as you might expect, of a complaint nature... But every once in a while... a surprise...

Today an older woman comes in. She says she is not from around here. Claire, being somewhat familiar with the accent, has already made that assumption.

The woman says she is from Mississippi.
She says her grand kids have made some money with a lemonade stand and they wanted to donate all of it to the new playground at Whiteside park...

She hands Claire a small zip-lock baggie, pulls a camera out of her pocket and takes a picture of herself handing the bag to Claire. She says that is what she was told to do, to give this to the right person and take a picture of it happening...

That is it.

She leaves.

It happens so fast Claire doesn't even get to ask her name or anything.

She was just gone.

She opened the bag and counted the money. A total of $18.00.

Playground at Whiteside park, Ely MN
A beautiful sunny summer day at Whiteside Park in Ely minnesota.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Cedar stairway to the lake...

Recently we had an interesting little project to keep busy with for a few days...
Scott and Chris did a wonderful job building this stairway to the lake from a log home we built a few years ago. The decking is all Western Red Cedar: 
Western, red, cedar, stairs, to the lake, ely mn,
Stepping down from the ground level deck and starting the trek to the lake.

Cedar, stairs, ely, mn, log homes
continuing down...
cedar stairway from the cabin to the sauna by the lake,
...and the ancient log sauna and the dock beyond...

Cedar steps from the lake up to the cabin,
Looking back up from about half way down.