Thursday, August 29, 2013

a new pencil drawing, "An Old Barn" by John Huisman

I just finished this one. It is a drawing of one of my sons, (quite a few years back), up in the loft of an old barn... Dimensions are 14" wide x 17" high... Just pencil on "Bristol Board".
"An Old Barn", pencil on ristol Board by John Huisman

Detail of pencil drawing by John Huisman, Ely MN

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another new project, a small Island cabin

      This past week we have started another project. It is a small cabin that we are starting from scratch on an island on one of the lakes in the area.
       The challenge, of course, with a water access project is getting materials, men and equipment to the building site.As with most projects, this one starts with dirt work. We need to dig footings and put in a septic system.
       Here we have begun that process. Jeff Schulze Excavating is doing this for us. A barge is used to bring the equipment and the material in. A small skid-steer trail is quickly formed from the lake-shore to the building site, about 140' up the hill.

Here are a few pictures:

Barge, lake, El Minnesota,
The barge is bringing the small equipment for putting in the foundation and the septic system..

Barge Lake, Ely, MN,

John Huisman,
Loads of the dirt required for the septic system are dumped on the barge on the main land and and brought to the island. Then the material is taken one scoop at a time, from the barge, up the trail to the septic system site.

Skidsteer, woods trail, Huisman
Heading up the hill with the skidsteer...

Huisman, Skdsteer trail,
A small trail through the woods going up to the building site.

Even though it is only mid August, the weather as been getting that September feel... Highs in the high 60s and lows in the low 40s and even 30s. Most of us enjoy the fall here in Northern Minnesota, but with the late snow we had this past spring, it's feeling like Summer just started... We will take it as it comes I suppose..

Friday, August 2, 2013

Continuing the start of this project:
Pouring the basement floor slab on top of the foam insulation and the "In-floor" heating tubes.
Going up from there with the ICF forms
...they stack up like life sized "Legos"...
Lake home construction,
Here the insulated concrete form walls are completed and have been filled with concrete. Ready for a subfloor to be built.
Ely lake home,
Floor trusses have been put in place on top of the basement/foundation walls.
Ely lake home,
...and the sheathing is finished. This is the main floor of the house...

The house is now ready for the timber frame and wall structure.