Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"The Leap" pencil drawing

We never acquired much for the kids to play on outside around here when they were growing up.
I think we had a little plastic thing with a slide on it at one time, but they never did much with that really.

What we did have was these huge rocks  sticking up beside the driveway varying in height from maybe five feet to eight or ten feet.

The three rocks had obviously been one rock at one time till the forces of thousands of years of water freezing and thawing and working their forces pushed them apart till there was now four feet or so at the ground level between them and ten feet or so at the top.

At one time I brought home some cedar planks, three or four inches thick by ten or twelve inches wide, left over from a job and we set them up bridging between the tops of the rocks so they could walk between them about six or eight feet above the ground.

Originally there was just sort of a mucky, occasionally water filled three or four feet deep void between the rocks and at some point I had a load of crushed rock brought in, (for various projects around the house), and I had enough to fill in the spaces between the rocks a little bit creating a "safer", playground type ground surface.

This became the primary play area around our house here for the kids as they were growing up and they spent a bit of time up on these rocks...

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"Adventure, the Leap", 10" x 22", pencil on paper. Here is a drawing of my daughter, ready to take the big step off of one of these rocks.