Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Dead End", 9"x12" pencil sketch on paper

This was intended to be a quick sketch.
It is not very large, only 9" high by 12" wide.
It is intended to be a pre-sketch for a larger project... we will see...

Pencil, drawing, John, Huisman, ely. mn, minnesota,


Winter is not letting up here at all.
We got 13" of new snow last Friday and now we are back to temps deeply below zero.
There is nowhere to put the snow anymore.
We have had to get big machinery on some of the job-site access roads to push the snow back farther. A pickup truck with a plow can only do so much.

The ground is actually not even frozen under this snow where it is undisturbed even with all the cold we have had.
But where the snow has been plowed or shoveled away, the frost is reaching record depths.
City crews got in a lot of overtime last week thawing frozen water lines.
...but the rural septic systems should be safe...

I was using my snow blower in town the other day cutting a path through the drift in the back yard to this house...

2/21/14 snowstorm, ely minnesota, john huisman