Monday, February 3, 2014

Meaningless thoughts on Bob Dylans suberbowl comercial

I gotta say it was a bit painful to wake up this morning to the disheartening news that Bob Dylan had done a Superbowl commercial...

I watched the commercial on the internet, (I did not watch the game and don't even know who was playing)...

The commercial was well done and even almost touched on Bob's roots here on the Iron Range, but I couldn't help thinking it would have been more appropriate to use some pop country music star, (I will not suggest a name here because I just don't know any)... I would suspect that most people watching the Superbowl only have a vague notion at best of who Bob Dylan is and, except for a couple of songs that might still find their way into play on the "classic rock" stations, have never heard any of his music.

I guess the hard part is just seeing the one guy you would never figure to do something like this, compromising his integrity at his age, for something like this... Then, of course, I thought... would I do that? If Chrysler wanted to use something I have built or made for a Superbowl add would I do it... You bet I would. But still... Bob Dylan?   Ouch. I just hope he didn't do it because he needed the extra cash.

I guess I will accept this as just the way things are but I couldn't help noticing the song playing during the commercial. The lyrics were not on the commercial but it is one I have listened to many times and as it played through my mind after I watched it, the key line jumped out at me: "I used to care but... things have changed".  I wonder if Bob chose that song for a reason.

Maybe my view on this is a little bleak and probably I am way over-thinking this but that is just what I do sometimes.

If you have just come out of a cave and my blog is the first thing you are reading, maybe you have not seen the commercial so I will post a link to it at the bottom, but as I thought about this since I saw the commercial, this is the other tune that came to mind:

Here is the commercial.