Sunday, March 23, 2014

In-floor heat tubes

A bit more progress on the timber frame project:
We had the heat tubes installed last week, ready for the over-pour.
Because of the snow storm on Tuesday in most of the state, our over-pour guys canceled.
We never did get the storm they were predicting here but I know many parts of the state got hit hard and the guys that do this for us come from Hamel, Minnesota so... long drive with trucks through potential snowstorm... best to put it off for another day.

Hopefully that day will be tomorrow. We are ready.

The tube system has been pressurized with air right now while we do the over-pour so we will know right away if we do some damage somehow that results in a leak and we can fix it right away.
 In the end the tubes will be filled with fluid, the fluid is heated by the boiler and becomes the "in-floor" heating system for the main level of the house.

The over-pour consists of a "Gypsum" type lightweight concrete product that we can install tile or wood floor over later.

This is another point in the project where I take lots of pictures. Not that we ever want to be drilling holes or putting fasteners in this floor anywhere, but sometimes it's nice to have pictures for reference. Here are a few of the many:
In-floor, heat, system, huisman, wirsbo, ely, minnesota, mn, cabin

In-floor, heat, system, huisman, wirsbo, ely, minnesota, mn, cabin

In-floor, heat, system, huisman, wirsbo, ely, minnesota, mn, cabin

As I was driving by the school on Friday in the snow storm, I looked over at the baseball field. There is still over 2 feet of snow out there and Friday added about 8" to that. I think the first game is scheduled for April 1st... Right now it's not looking good.
Ely, veterans, meorial, baseball, field, minnesota, snowstorm.

Then as I turned around and was driving by the park, I spotted something unusual, (well maybe not for Ely), an adult playing on the swings with their kid. At this point the snow was falling at a rate of about 2 inches per hour. On a spring day in March, it is hard to find something amusing in all this, but this comes close:
Whiteside, park, Ely, snowstorm, playing, swings, crazy

Whiteside, park, Ely, snowstorm, playing, swings, crazy

All that, of course, leaves behind a particularity beautiful and picturesque winter day like the one we have here now. Particularly beautiful and picturesque, that is, if this were January.

cattails, snow, winter, northern, minnesota, blue, sky

tracks, snow, fresh, minnesota, ely, winter, huisman

I had a clear crisp half moon sky and 9 degrees below zero here this morning...

Enter that in the log.