Sunday, March 2, 2014

Progress, interior work

After suffering through some cold work on the outside of the building, the plumbing and electrical are far enough along that we can start some drywall work. I try to take as many pictures of the plumbing and electrical in the walls before they are covered. They are often handy to have for future reference.

This is in the building that I had mentioned here in a few blog posts last year, but haven't talked about much in a while.

...and here are some of those terribly uninteresting pictures:
Ely, Minnesota, custom, homes, timber, frame, huisman

wire cut into timber frame floor joist beam
huisman, construction, mechanical work, progress shot, ely

Did I mention the plumber was on site? 
plumbing evidence,,


Seems like there is just a lot of winter going on right now. It's about all anybody talks about or thinks about. But it is March 2nd and we are hopefull...

winter cat-tails, snow, drifts, ely, minnesota