Sunday, April 27, 2014

Siding, porch, entry, spring

Most of the siding went on earlier in the winter. We are using LP Smartside siding and trim from Voyageur Lumber in Ely.

Here is a shot of one of the sides that was finished in December:
LP Smartsiding, Huisman, custom homes, timber, frame, Ely, minnesotaa
Then the screen porch was framed in and the siding was just put on there recently as the weather warmed up and we could work outside a little more comfortably:
screen, porch, LP Smartside, timber frame, huisman, ely, minnesota,
The other reason the entry side never got done is, I had to get some timbers to build the frame for the entry porch. We finally got those and have started assembling that structure:
entry, timber, frame, huisman, concepts, ely, minnesota, porch


The snow is melting now... finally. It has been a long winter and cold.
...still, as long as it has seemed, the baseball team took to the field for practice this past week, about 8 days earlier than last year.  So, I supposed, it could be worse.

We did have about 5" new snow two days ago, but it melted pretty quickly.

Yesterday I was able to uncover the batting cage netting at the high school field and pull it out of the remaining ice on the ground and hang it up on the frame. I had to shovel a little snow but most of it was off that area.
Anyway, we are back in business there.
First home game on Thursday May 1st. Looking forward to that.

Ely High school field batting cage, 2014, spring, snow on the side