Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ceramic tile and timber stairs construction

Some progress on a current project, some ceramic tile has been installed in the kitchen and hallway areas over the "Gypcrete" and "in-floor heating system.

ceramic, tile, slate, timber, frame, ely, mn, huismanconcepts
This is the entry area and the walkway back to the master bedroom. To the lift, just past that timber post, is the stairway going to the basement and up to the loft.

custom, built, builder, timber, frame, ely, minnesota, huismanconcepts
This is the kitchen area. There is an area with some 2x4 cleats for the mounting of the island cabinets. The plumbing for the kitchen sink is along the far wall.

Meanwhile, stairs are being built of pine timbers for accessing the basement and loft areas:
minnesota, norway pine, timber, stair stringer, huismanconcepts, custom, builder
Beginning layout of one of the 4x12 stringers.

huisman, custom, built, norway, pine, timbers, stairs, ely minnesota
The assembled lower section of stairs to the basement floor.

ely, minnesota, pine, timber, stairway, custom, built, huismanconcepts, ely, minneosta
Looking up from the basement level, the timber stair have been assembled in place. The basement ceiling is not yet finished.

Seems the mosquitoes have tapered off as quick as they started. The weather has been pleasant, cool nights and not too hot during the day and jut the right amount of rain when we need it. I imagine we have a bit of summer coming yet at some point but so far it has been very nice...