Friday, October 17, 2014

Cold Water and Tamaracks, October 2014

Some late season work on an island project. The weather has been beautiful the last couple weeks and a ride across Burntside Lake is particularly enjoyable.
Burntside Lake, Ely, Huisman Concepts, custom, lake, home, cabin, northern, minnesota
Traveling alone, it is nice to have a little extra weight in the front. Here I am taking a mini refrigerator that will go under the kitchen counter-top in the cabin. This shot was taken as I approach the island.

Island, Trail, Ely, Huisman Concepts, custom, lake, home, cabin, lakeshore, North, MN
Getting out of the boat and looking up the trail toward the cabin... You can sort of see it through the trees there.

Stainless, steel, cable, railing, deck, custom,Ely, MN, Cabin, Huisman
Recently completed cedar and stainless steel cable railing on the deck.

Pine, paneling, custom, cabin, huisman, construction, ely, mn, norther, minnesota
The kitchen area where the under counter mini fridge will go.

Burntside lake, northern, minnesota, huisman, john huisman, autumn, colors
The ride across the lake again. Most of the reds have fallen but there are still a lot of late turning Aspen that are giving some golds to the largely evergreen forest. The water is cold. The hazard buoys have all been taken out for the winter so care is required on a lake like this.

autumn, colors, tamarack, swamp, river, ely, northern, minnesota, fall, blue sky
The last trees to turn are the Tamaracks which seemed to reach full color this past week. I think they are a more intense gold than any of the deciduous trees that we normally look to for fall colors. In another week those needles will all be down and they will just look like dead Spruce out in the swamps...
Winter is coming but this past week was one of those amazing and perfect weeks, weather-wise, that you know you only get a few of each year.