Sunday, January 25, 2015

A new gallery posted, Doug Fir & clear skys

I posted a new gallery of pictures on the website galleries yesterday.
It is a home recently completed near Ely Minnesota using large Douglas Fir timber framing for parts of the roof support and entry.  Here are a couple pictures and more can be seen at the website gallery here or on the facebook gallery here.

timber, frame, custom, home, lake, blue, sky, huisman, concepts, design,
Massive Doug fir timbers intersecting over the entry and stairs area.

timber, frame, custom, home, lake, Stainless, steel, cable, railing, huisman, concepts, design,
Stainless steel cable railing on the interior stars and loft areas framed by more Douglas Fir timbers.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Custom built, hand carved, rustic Alder door.

These are some pictures of a custom door I recently completed:

, carved, entry, door, john, huisman,, ely, minnesota, wolf, pines, wildlife, carving, wood
The door is made of rustic, distressed Alder with a light stain. The carved images are mirrored on the interior so they can be seen on both sides of the glass., wildlife, carving, ely, north, pines tree, hand, carved, entry door, john, huisman, alder
A Close up shot of the carving of the tall pine tree and the moon.
howling, wolf, carving, lakes, moon, alder, wood, carved, entry, door, awesome, detailed,, john huisman
A closeup shot of the carving of the wolf howling.

custom, carved, entr, door, john, huisman, wildlife, carving,
The installed door.
awesome, amazing, handcarved, carved, custom, entry, door, huisman
The installed door.
carving, john, huisman, ely, mn, details, progress,
This is a picture of the carving in progress. This carved image of the wolf howling needed to be mirrored so the door would look the same from both the inside and outside.

carving, by, john, huisman, howling, wolf, alder, custom, door, panel
The wood carving is done mostly with hand tools.

john, huisman custom, hand, built, entry, door, stiles, rails, mortise, tennons
This is a picture of the door components, stiles and rails with mortices and grooves for the panels, ready for assembly.

More of my custom built doors can be seen here:

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Awesome interactive home tour

This is a pretty cool way to get a walk through tour of a home that I built a few years back.

The home has been on the market for a couple years waiting for the right person to come along.
It is being listed by Lisa Janisch Realty and she has put forth the effort to have this walk-through tour prepared on this one of a kind property. Your can literally walk through the entire house.

Check it out:

 log, timber, cabin, cabins, lake, home, ely, huisman