Friday, February 20, 2015

Things shiny and red

I think there is something about firetrucks that brings out the little kid in us.

Some time back I was given a short tour of the Ely Fire Station at city hall.
I just happened to be there to take some pictures and ran into the fire chief who, when I started asking about the trucks, also seemed to get that little boy gleam in his eye as he began telling me all about them. I wish I had been taking notes. I just remember being awed by how old some of these trucks were and yet, they were so meticulously maintained and polished, I would have guessed they just rolled off the assembly line. I think there were five of them altogether and they are shoehorned into this garage with just a few feet between them so that, when you are standing there they are towering walls of gleaming chrome and red. The worn and dulled yellows of the coats, helmets and boots lined the wall ready for use...

Pencil, drawing, graphite, john, huisman, art, work, minnesota
Ely Fire Truck, pencil on Bristol board, 11" X 18"

Pencil, drawing, graphite, john, huisman, art, work, detail, minnesota, artist
Ely Fire Truck detail

Seems like there was a lot more to it that I thought there would be.
I guess there always is...

I used to think drawing things would help me to see... 
But I think it just forces me to look.
Which may not always be a good thing.

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