Saturday, October 10, 2015

Timber Hall

The other day I was driving through Embarrass and I decided to stop in at the Fair grounds. I have been meaning to stop here for some time and this day was such a great day for pictures.

This is a building I built many many years ago. It has to be over 25 years ago now. Back then we didn't have digital cameras and phone cameras, (or phones for that matter), that were with us all the time and sometimes pictures just never got taken...

It is a very large building at least in footprint. I think it is something like 65' wide and 120' long.

My partner in business at the time and I spent a summer driving every day to Embarrass and carving logs with chain saws and chisels and axes... The scribing and fitting of logs is a rather tedious process and hard work. In my prime, (as I said, this was a LONG time ago), I could get two 30' long logs picked out and set up and scribed and carved and fit in place in one day and maybe start on a third. One round of logs on this building took about a week to get done if two of us were working on it steady. So for a whole summer I drove down there every day and "pounded notches" as we used to say, sweating it out in the Embarrass sun and sand flies till the log work was done. The roof and finish work were done by others so after that summer it became just a place I drive by once in a while.

It was a great project and one I still appreciate every time I pass.

I finally took the time to stop on this beautiful autumn day to take a few pictures:

Embarrass timber hall, mn, ely large huisman log home

Embarrass timber hall, mn, huisman log home construction

huge log building timber hall embarrass mn

timber hall community building, huisman log homes ely

Embarrass timber hall, mn, huisman log home construction


John Huisman, Autumn, 2015, floating maple leaf