Saturday, January 2, 2016

Late summer project start

Some progress pictures of a project we started in the late summer of the past year, (2015, seems like only yesterday...).

It is a partial tear down of an existing structure and then a rebuild.
Here are a couple pictures of the garage and part of the house as it looked before we started:
huisman concepts, ely, project, wood, work, demolition

before demo, huisman, concepts, project, ely MN

...and then:
lake home, ely, mn, huisman, custom, construction

Here part of the house is gone and the entire garage has been removed:
ely, custom, lake homes, minnesota, huisman

...and the digging for the footings is complete:
custom home construction, ely, minneosta, huisman concepts
Obviously the trees are still green in these pictures, they were taken in early to mid September 2015...



Things look a little different out there today on this second day of 2016, but at least the sun looks like it intends to shine for a while...seems like it has been weeks since we have seen much of that.
winter photograph, 2016, John Huisman, ely minneosta