Tuesday, January 19, 2016

part II of the project started this past Fall...

Continuing on with the project we started in the later part of this past summer...
The first post was here.
After the digging was done, the forms are put in place for the footings for the addition and garage parts of the project:
footing forms, Ely, huismanconcepts.com

footing forms ready, huismanconcepts.com

ely mn lake come footings, huismanconcepts.com
Those footing forms are filled with concrete and then the insulated concrete forms, (ICFs) go up. They are basically blocks made of foam insulation that stack up to form an inside and outside layer of insulation that will stay in place once the concrete is poured between them resulting in a solid 8" thick concrete wall with foam insulation on both sides. Here the forms are being put in place:
lake home, huismanconcepts.com, ely MN

ICF foundation walls for custom lake home near ely MN

...and here they are braced and ready for concrete:
foundation walls for custom lake home addition, john huisman
huismanconcepts.com, custom lake home ICF foundation walls
Then using a boom truck to place the concrete, the ICF forms are filled and leveled off:
ICF walls, concrete boom truck, custom home construction
 The foundation walls are now ready for back-filling once the bracing is stripped away:
ICF walls, finished, huismanconcepts.com, ely, mn